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Order Tracking

In order to improve the efficiency of communication between our company, related parties and the customer, we have created an ORDER TRACKING system to show all order-related information.
The timing of availability of this information is as follows:

  • · Packing list: this will be made available approximately one week before the goods are ready to ship
  • · Cargo Booking Procedure: approximately 1 week before the goods are ready to ship.
  • · Product Images: when goods are ready to ship.
  • · Loading Pictures: when the goods are loaded into the container.
  • · Shipping Advice: approximately 2 days after shipment.
  • · Customer Survey: approximately 1 week after the goods reach destination port.
Operation Method: We will provide bona fide customers with the "order number (i.e. Contract number)" and "password" to enable login to the "Order System" on our website, which can then be searched for Order Tracking information, at any time.

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